building_1 The recently launched Coblit range of decorative exterior wall mouldings serves as a standard range of preformed EPS wall mouldings with a uniform, durable, factory fitted speciality plaster finish. Lightweight, dimensionally accurate, and quick to install, the Coblit range is supplied in lengths of up to 2.5 meters.  The Coblit system includes the mouldings, quick set adhesive and filler paste.

In addition to the new Coblit range, we offer an arraybuilding_2 of varying corbelling designs and decorative profiles customized to suit the customer’s needs. The corbellings may be supplied either precoated or uncoated dependant on the customer’s requirements.

Wall Capping

Complimenting this range of exterior mouldings, there is a popular offering of decorative EPS wall cappings precoated in factory with a specialized plaster technique. Shapes and profiles may be customized building_5 in conjunction with the customer. Although wall cappings are often supplied in lengths to accommodate the spacing between wall joints, cappings are supplied in maximum lengths of 2.5 meters, and again, a quick set adhesive is available internally.

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