Ceilings have several roles to play in modern buildings, including fire protection, thermal insulation and light reflectance, controlling acoustics and reducing unwanted noise whilst contributing to the overall decor and aesthetic characteristics of the facility.

We now offer an comprehensive range of Ceiling Systems sourced from quality local and international manufacturers with unique designer trims that allow Architects, Designers and Contractors to create distinctive individual ceiling designs that add aesthetic value to an area.

The variety of tile materials, surface patterns and ceiling installation configurations, gives us the opportunity to make ideal ceiling solutions for all applications.

The different products include –

  • Exposed Tee Systems
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Plasterboard Concealed Tee Systems
  • Theta Thermal Insulation Systems
  • Orac Decor Cornices & Mouldings
  • Ceiling Suspension Systems, Fixings and Tools

CAPCO Ceiling Systems installed at King Shaka International Airport