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IsoBoard Over Truss Insulation

One of the most cost-effective insulated ceilings is to install IsoBoard as a roof-liner over trusses, beams and rafters.

The board, in addition to providing high levels of thermal insulation, provides a beautiful backdrop to exposed trusses, and can be painted to match as required.


Typical uses for IsoBoard in this application:2015-04-24 09.05.17
Used as a ceiling in domestic homes (affordable and up-market) over exposed beams,
trusses and rafters.



Installation guidelines:

  1. 3_picLay IsoBoard horizontally across rafters ensuring butt joins are effected over rafter.
  2. Fix double sided tape to rafter to prevent boards moving during the installation process if necessary.
  3. Guide holes must be pre-drilled in the battens/purlins before fixing through IsoBoard into rafters. Fix screws two per joint at 30 degrees to the vertical in direction of purlin / batten.
  4. A quarter round or simular edge can be secured to the rafter beneath the isoBoard to finis the installation.
  5. Fix a counter batten between purlins running along the rafter to secure isoBoard to prevent uplift. Alternatively, secure each board with screws and washers. Do not overtighten the screws, which may cause the board to defect.
  6. paint visible face of isoBoard with two coats of good qualityacrylic or PVA. isoBoard can be painted before installation.
  7. Install fibrous sound insulation above the isoBoard below steel roofs if required.

spacing limits