Typical uses for IsoBoard in this application:

  • Industrial developments to improve staff comfort and productivity;
  • Agricultural applications such as poulty-,pig-,mushroom-,crocodile-,fish farming requiring consistant optimum growth conditions;
  • Temperature controlled environments such as vegetable, flower and fruit processing areas and wine cellars;
  • Warehouses containg perishable and temperature sensitive goods;
  • Retail developments to provide comfort and reduce air conditioning costs.

Over Purlin Guidelines

1. For minimum deflection, do not exceed recommened spans as per table overleaf, use T-sections to support board where spanning limits per thickness is exceeded.

2. Wipe boards before installation to remove static.

3. To avoid friction noise between paint treated roof sheets (chromadek) and isoBoard, separate the products with a 3mm masonite washer. spacers are not necessary with cliplock system, galvanized and aluzinc roof sheets.

4. Butt join boards over purlins.

5. Install roof ridge vents above isoboard of 40mm or thicker to prevent excessive heat buildup.

6. IsoBoard can follow a 5m radius when using 50mm or thinner board.

7. please consult a representative for the appropriate thickness of isoBoard for use in your region.

8.The board is an extrusion and flow lines can be visible. paint with two coats of good quality matt acrylic paint and/ or edge bevel board for aesthetically finished requirements.

9. Fit boards below purlins using retrofit h-sections.

spacing limits