Typical uses for IsoBoard in this application:IMGP4711

  • Residential housing installed as insulated ceiling. IsoPine grooved and bevelled finishes are options.
  • In retail developments when no insulation is provided, IsoBoard is frequently retrofitted to achieve comfort and cost saving objectives, and protect the expected shelf like of perishable produce.
  • Community housing, police stations, clinics, school projects and office developments.



Nail-up Guildlines:

  • IMGP4709Order either beveled edge or ‘IsoPine”.
  • Boards to run wall to wall: avoid butt joints
  • Brandering maximum 700mm spacing, with perimeter brandering around room.
  • Boards must be positively secured on ends.
  • Always use adhesive, screws and concealed clips as recommended for ceiling installation.
  • Ensure planned lighting is compatible with IsoBoard.
  • Paint with two coats of a good quality water based PVA paint. Painting also prevents discolouration of boards by UV rays (reflected sunlight) .
  • Double fixing points where board is installed externally or in windy areas.
  • Overlay IsoBoard with fibre products where sound insulation is required.

Nail up pdf.