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ISO Board

benandadv IsoBoard thermal insulation is a high density, rigid, extruded polystyrene insulation board. It has a 100% closed cell structure which is produced on a fully automated extrusion process, in accordance with international specifications and standards. In controlled environments, for example air-conditioned office blocks or wine cellars, payback period ranges from 2 – 5 years, due to savings on energy costs.

In uncontrolled buildings, IsoBoard acts to control thermal temperature to within the comfort zone of around 20 – 30 Celsius.

Isoboard Has Characteristics such as:

* High resistance to heat flow i.e. low thermal conductivity.
* Resistance to water vapour diffusion and water absorption.
* Uniform density distribution.
* Very high compressive strength.
* Ageing resistance.
* Resistance to bacteria and Micro-organism growth.

As a result of all these characteristics, as well as many other benefits, IsoBoard is sufficiently versatile to make it an innovative and cost effective alternative to conventional insulation products. It also means that IsoBoard can be used in various applications in numerous different markets.

Thickness Width R-Value
25 mm 600 0.83
30 mm 600 1.00
40 mm 600 1.33
50 mm 600 1.66
60 mm 600 2.00
70 mm 600 2.33
80 mm 600 2.66