IsoTherm Specifications

Technical specifications

Fire performance – ISOTHERM complies with SANS 10400, the application of the national building regulations, as an insulation material.

Tested in accordance with SANS 428: fire performance classification B/B 1/2.
ASTM – E 84: spread of flame: nil.
BS 5803 part 4: does not smoulder.
Test reports available on request.

ASTM – E84: 
spread of flame = 0
smoke index = 160
smoke toxicity = < 1 (low toxicity)
*SANS 10400 – 1990 The application of the national building regulations.

Chemical and physical properties – Composed of polyester. The relatively high melting point of polyester fibres gives ISOTHERM good thermal stability.

Moisture absorption: ISOTHERM does not absorb more than 2% (by mass) of moisture, which is within the limits set by the standard.
*Tested in accordance with SANS 1381: Part I (Materials for thermal insulation of buildings).