ISOFOIL Composite Thermal Insulation is an exposed insulation product. It provides maximum condensation control and interior comfort. For any building without ceilings – from warehouses and showrooms to factories and loft living – ISOFOIL’s insulation qualities are exceptional.

ISOFOIL is the result of exhaustive research and development by Brits Nonwoven, a fully-accredited member of TIASA.

ISOTHERM is resilient and does not shed loose fibres; it withstands normal handling during transportations and installation.

As one of the most effective and safest insulation products for buildings without ceilings, ISOFOIL complies completely with SANS 204.

SANS 204 
Energy efficient standards have been legislated. This SANS 204 legislation was a directive from the Department of Minerals and Energy (DME) and the Department of Housing. Its purpose is to impose and regulate energy-efficient standards for residential, commercial and industrial developments.

The degree and choice of thermal Insulation as specified by SANS 204 is dependent on climate regions, construction design, orientation and location. The insulation of roofs or ceilings must achieve a specified Total R value for the relevant climate zone. These R Values range from 2.7 to 3.7(m2.K/W).

Insulation in walls must achieve a Total R-Value of between 1.9 and 2.2, also dependent on climate zone. Insulation standards for geysers and pipes are also covered in SANS 204.

As one of the most effective and safest insulation products on the market, ISOTHERM complies completely with these energy-saving initiatives.

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