Garlington Estate

GarlingtonEstate is a well established estate in Hilton. We supply IsoBoard, RhinoBoard and IsoTherm to the contractors who are building here.

PMB Ceilings has supplied Polystyrene for underfloor for a new build in the Garlington estate. 
IsoBoard & Polystyrene (DV 15 / 35mm thick) can be installed either below the screed above the floor slab, or below the floor slab. 
As a rule, if you are planning to have an electric heating system to warm your floor, install IsoBoard / EPS below the screed, to minimize the volume of concrete to heat, to control heating costs. 
If planning on solar water heating system, install the IsoBoard or EPS below the floor slab, as the slab will gradually release retained heat into the building at night. 
An insulated floor without any under-floor heating can be expected to be warmer than an uninsulated floor by 4 to 5 degrees.