Customer Testimonials

Gert van den Berg - 31 July 2020
"I just want to thank you again for referring me to Tyron Haynes. He has completed the job and I'm really happy with what he has done. I will happily refer him to anyone else."
Nicky Grieshaber - 03 June 2020
"Thank you for your prompt and efficient attention and service." 
Richard Burgdorf - 25 May 2020
"Tyrone did the install today. He did a fantastic job, it was installed professionally and quickly without fuss. I can recommend him to your clients. " 
- Richard
 Clint Hampson - 06 March 2020
"Thank you for sorting this out so promptly. I will definitely refer PMB Ceilings with pleasure."
Peter Doyle - 11 February 2020
"Thanks so much for the speedy reply. Your response was impressive!"
 Wally Gevers - 05 February 2020
Compliment for a contractor Dynamic Floors- "Pleasant young man to work with."
Rina Chetty - 05 February 2020
"You guys are too cool."
 Mariana Ciacciariello - 21 January 2020
"What happened last december was a ray of sunshine, hope that the world is not so crazy. You guys trusted us, and we each did our part. Rare to find such trust and honesty these days.
Noel Houart - 21 January 2020
"Thank you for great service... and especially patience for this order."
 Lindsy Vezasie - 15 January 2020
"Thank you so much, your efficiency is like a breath of fresh air."
Kevin - 15 January 2020
"Quick and wonderful service"
 Ruan RL Maintenance - 15 January 2020
"Great & Pleasant service"
 Roxanne Stegen - 03 December 2019
"Ordered, paid and delivered in half a day! Exceptional service - Thank you!"
 Emily Massey - 13 November 2019
"Thank you for all your help in this. You provide an amazing Service!"