CAPCO GAMMA reveal mouldings create an attractive vertical or horizontal recessed reveal in drywall or plasterboard applications. Reveals can become a design element to enhance buildings interiors. Reveal widths vary from 10mm to 50mm for choice of design effects. Reveal mouldings can be curved slightly for softline aesthetics.

Gamma Plasterboard and Bulkhead reveals


GAMMA Architectural Feature Trims
Supply and fit CAPCO GAMMA wall reveals as indicated on the architec’s drawings. GAMMA wall reveals shall be extruded aluminium 6063 T6 alloy and epoxy coated White. Channel reveals shall be 10mm (15/20/25/50mm) and fitted prior to fixing 9mm Gypsum boards. Gypsum boards to be skimmed with skim plaster using edge or reveal as screed to form a precise and flush reveal.

Length : 3600m