Moisture and Sag Resistance

Calcium silicate board resists moisture during short or long term exposure without degradation. This makes it an ideal substrate for ceiling tiles to be used in moist areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and non-airconditioned areas.


Calcium silicate board is made from incombustible materials and will not burn. It reduces flame spread and does not produce smoke or omit poisonous gas. It has excellent fire resistance properties.

Impact Resistance

Calcium silicate board has greater hardness and flexibility compared to other commercial building boards. It can tolerate high impact without damage.

Noise Reduction

Calcium silicate, when used in conjunction with various  ceiling and drywall systems and acoustic insulation materials can achieve high STC ratings.

Durability and Stability

Calcium silicate board cannot be damaged by rodents or  termites thus achieving excellent durability. Calcium silicate is produced using high quality raw material. The autoclaved process creates a stable and durable board. It is resistant to rippling, buckling, cracking or sagging even under adverse environmental conditions.

Heat Resislance

Calcium silicate board has the unique benefit of a low coefficient of expansion and contraction. Used in conjunction with suspended ceiling systems or drywall construction with insulation materials it will improve airconditioning efficiency and save costs.

Easy to Work

Calcium silicate is easy to work. It can be cut with a scoring knife, circular saw or hand saw. Holes can be made with a hole saw.

Adhesion and Colour Variations

Only top quality and correctly selected adhesives are used to laminate the vinyl and the aluminium foil to the board. Only top quality and correctly selected vinyls are used to laminate to the exposed surface, thus facilitating continuity of colour in different batches.


Product Composition
Silica 37%
Calcium Oxide 33%
Lime (Including Cement) 22%
Fibre 8%
Total 100%