CKM Metal Tray Ceiling Tiles used in conjunction with CKM T38/24W Exposed Tee System create and exceptionally clean, neat appearance.

Tiles are unaffected by high humidity and will never sag. An ideal choice where a contemporary aesthetic, high quality and low maintenance are essential requirements in office blocks, airport terminals, indoor swimming pools, exhibition halls, shopping centres, railway stations and public buildings. Tiles are easily lifted from the tee grid to facilitate access to the plenum to maintain services.

CKM Metal Tray Ceilings

Product Composition
CKM Metal Tray Ceiling Tiles are manufactured from 0.5mm galvanised steel and stove enamelled with polyester epoxy powder providing excellent surface protection and finish. Tiles are also available in 0.4 – 0.6mm steel and 0.5 – 0.8mm aluminium.

CKM’s standard colour tile is off-white RAL 9003 which matches the CKM exposed tee system and is a semi-matt finish. A swatch of other CKM colours is available on request.

Tiles are fitted with an 0.2mm “Soundtex” black non-woven acoustic Reece bonded to the concealed surface which is not affected by wet cleaning. NRC is 0.75. Best results are achieved with the standard perforation pattern (see chart below).

Sound Absorption




Product Specs CKM Metal Tray Tiles

CKM Metal Tray ceiling tiles size 600 x 600 x 12mm formed from 0.5mm thick galvanised mild steel and perforated to 17.5% of surface area with 2.0mm diameter holes, and epoxy coated white (RAL 9003). Tiles to have revealed edges with 5mm bevel all round.