Product Composition
CEILTEX ceiling tiles are manufactured using gypsum board as the substrate which consists of a non-combustible gypsum core bonded on both surfaces with special papers.

Surface Finishes & Moisture Resistance
CEILTEX tiles are laminated with decorative vinyl foil on the exposed surface providing for appealing aesthetics and easy maintenance. The concealed surface is laminated with aluminum foil which provides a moisture barrier and good thermal reflective insulation.

The Gypsum tiles
CEILTEX Vinylclad Gypsum Tiles are square cut to two metric sizes, 1200 x 600mm and 600 x 600mm {nominal). Two thicknesses are available 9mm and 12mm and are easily installed in exposed tee systems to form suspended interior ceilings. They can be used in all types of commercial, education and institutional buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals, colleges restaurants and shops.

Fire Resistant
Gypsum tiles are one of the best products for fire protection. When subjected to high temperatures, the unique behavior of the gypsum core provides excellent fire resistant properties.

Gypsum is one of the world’s most useful minerals. It is a light density rock found in relatively large quantities throughout the world. Unlike many substances in use today, gypsum is nontoxic to humans. Gypsum tiles are non-combustible, are highly versatile and can be used for varied residential and commercial applications

Ceiltex QS Spec

Fire Resistant – Board CLASS 2
Thermal Resistance 9mm R = 0.60m2k/w
Thermal Resistance 12mm R = 0.75m2k/w
RH Resistant 99%
Light Reflection 85%
Sound Attenuation 9mm 32dB
Sound Attenuation 9mm 34dB