Cavity Wall insulation

_1013073431Cavity wall insulation is an excellent way of controlling heat transfer through walls, as well as preventing moisture condensing on and penetrating the inner leaf. As homes become smaller and taller, the ratio of roof area to wall area decreases, and the impact of heat transfer through the wall increases.


Essentially, the boards are fixed horizontally to the inner leaf using wire ties, alternate ties are used to secure the two leaves together across the cavity. Remember to keep the cavity clean.

Typical uses for IsoBoard in this application:

  1. Residential homes designed for comfort and energy efficiency;Cavity_wall135780058750ee648b3d727
  2. Cold storage applications;
  3. Designs which function with minimum of mechanical cooling;
  4. Passive cooled building systems;
  5. Agricultural, pharmaceutical, medical and commercial applications with temperature controlled environments requiring stable internal temperature.

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