ckm-furring-1Furring channels are ideal components to form the main support framing for plasterboard clad bulkheads from 100mm to 3.600m wide and 100mm to 1.200m high. Furring channels are C shaped for strength, knurled to take drywall screws and have a central ‘V’ groove to facilitate accurate jointing. The fixing surface is flat to prevent drywall screws penetrating the reinforcing paper on plasterboard and preventing screws being loosened by wind pressure movement.


Two sizes are available 49 x 19mm for spans up to 900mm and 49 x 27mm for larger spans up to 1200m. Greater spans require intermediate hangers at 1 200m centres.

25 x 25mm galvanised angles are run along the wall, at 90° bends and on the slab as supports and with furring channels at 400mm centres fixed to the galvanised angles to form bulkhead framing. The 9mm plasterboards are fixed perpendicular to furring channels with 25mm drywall screws at 150mm centres.

SIGMA Shadowline plaster trims can be fitted against the wall or the slab to create a shadowline feature- 20, 30 and 50mm plaster trims are available.

The bulkhead’s leading edge is fitted with steel drywall comer bead for a 90° sharp edge or a variety of special Trimtex radiused, splayed or angled feature trims.

Self adhesive firbreglass mesh tape is fitted to all plasterboard joints and the entire bulkhead is flush plastered to a thickness of 2 – 5mm with skimming plaster.