PMB Ceilings is a proud leading distributor for IsoBoard, Capco, IsoTherm and IsoMoulders to the KZN Midlands.


IsoBoard Ceilings

IsoBoard is made from a rigid high density polystyrene. Isoboard can be used in Residential, Industrial and Agricultrial industries. IsoBoard is a great insulator and is designed to make living easier.

Capco, Rhinoboard, Drywalling, Suspended ceilings, ceiling

Capco Ceilings & Drywalls

Capco products are designed to make your life easier! We supply all the different Ceilings, Suspended ceilings, drywall grids, wall trims and bulkheads. .

isotherm insulation

IsoTherm Insulation

Isotherm Insulation replaces your think pink. Isotherm is made from recycled PET bottles and is designed not to degenerate over time. IsoTherm will keep you COOL in summer and WARM in winter!

IsoMoulders EPS Polystyrene

Isomoulders manufactures EPS Polystyrene. Our EPS has a density of 15 DV (15Kg), and is mainly used for underfloor and in between wall applications due to its cost effectiveness.